Scenic Flights: Helicopters & Hot Air Balloons

Scenic Flights Over Cairns

What better way to discover Cairns than by getting a birds eye view of the region? There's so many wonderful sites to see around Cairns like the amazing coral reefs of The Great Barrier Reef, National Parks with spectacular scenery, long stretches of beach and cute little beachside towns and the green rolling hills of the Atherton Tablelands. To be able to see all of this in one day is pretty special and there's a range of different options for you to choose.

Wake up early for a sunrise hot air balloon ride, book your own private helicopter ride and stop off on a deserted beach for a picnic, join a helicopter tour that offers stop offs at islands with snorkeling and even fly your own helicopter! There are tours that last 20 minutes, one hour or last all day and with so many options there will be something to suit your needs.

If you'd rather jump out of a plane than simply sit in one, our list of extreme adventures may be for you!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Ballooning in Cairns

Book  Hot Air Ballooning in Cairns NowExperience the romance, wonder and silent serenity of a hot air balloon ride over tropical Cairns. Pre-lift-off, witness the spectacle of a hot air balloon inflating and see it take shape, then hop in for a gentle take-off and float gracefully over glorious gum trees and mountain ranges. Choose from 3 tours: 30 or 60 minute scenic hot air balloon flight with door-to-door hotel transfers, or a luxury tour with limousine transfers, gourmet champagne and commemorative portrait.

Scenic Helicopter Tours