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Sea Travel in Cairns

With Cairns ideally positioned on the door step of the Great Barrier Reef, it goes without saying there are many options available to allow visitors to explore this marine wonderland. The Reef Fleet Terminal adjacent to Cairns Marlin Marina provides the ultimate departure point to the Reef and caters for over 2000 passengers per day.

There's a large carpark nearby that provides all day parking for reef visitors. There's also a restaurant if you get hungry waiting for your cruise.

For visitors and residents wishing to experience the wonder of the Reef or visit one of the many Islands nearby, this terminal enables passengers to discuss their Reef requirements directly with the operators in a central and convenient location.

Island Destinations

Reef Fleet Terminal Departures

Find out more about the below islands near Cairns here.

Islands & reefs within 1-6 hours cruising from Cairns:

  • Green Island
  • Fitzroy Island
  • Double Island
  • Frankland Islands
  • Dunk Island
  • Bedarra Island

Islands & reefs within 6-8 hours cruising from Cairns:

  • Hinchinbrook Island
  • Ribbon Reefs

Islands & reefs within 12-14 hours cruising from Cairns:

  • Lizard Island
  • Cod Hole

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