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Cairns Activities

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Cairns Tourist Information

As one of Australia's most remote and beautiful cities, Cairns is the international gateway into Tropical North Queensland, and the local Council proudly claims it is the "safest tropical city in the world". Although Singapore might argue with that statement, you won't find many people arguing that Cairns is a bad place.

Residents of Cairns (and visitors) are lucky enough to have two of the world's greatest natural treasures on their doorstep in the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical rainforests - both of which are World Heritage listed. There are few places on Earth where two such treasures rest side by side.

For more information on Cairns check out the following links or take our Cairns photo tour to see what the fuss is about:

Cairns Airport Transfers

Read More About Cairns Airport TransfersAs Cairns is over 1700 kilometers from the state's capital city, if you're visiting you are probably going to want to fly in. Just 7 kilometres from the Cairns CBD, the airport is the gateway to the highly popular Queensland tourist areas of the Great Barrier Reef and rainforests.

Getting to Cairns - Transport by Air, Train, Road & Boat

Read More About Getting to Cairns - Transport by Air, Train, Road & BoatCairns Airport is the main gateway to Tropical North Queensland. It boasts international, domestic and general aviation terminals. It is serviced by major international, national and state air carriers. There are many direct flights for international travellers.

Getting Around Cairns - Transport Information

Read More About Getting Around Cairns - Transport InformationIt's fairly easy to get around Cairns because it's flat and everything in the city is fairly close together. That's all fine if you don't want to leave the CBD, but once you get there you're going to notice the big mountain and you're going to want to head up it and check out the rainforest and tablelands.

Car Hire Comparisons - Book Online

Read More About Car Hire Comparisons - Book OnlineRenting a car is a great way to get around in Cairns because it's a bloody long way from anywhere and if you want to get out of the city at your leisure a car is an excellent idea. Most major car rental companies and a number of independent local agencies offer car hire in Cairns.

Australian Currency Calculator

Read More About Australian Currency CalculatorThe official currency in Australia is the Australian dollar. The value of the Australian dollar goes up and down like a yo-yo and in the last few years has been as low as US$0.45 and as high as US$1.05 mark. Travellers cheques, especially in foreign currencies, are generally not accepted except by hotels and big stores and tourist shops.

Cairns Maps

Read More About Cairns MapsTrying to find your way to or around Cairns or the surrounding region? Our range of Cairns maps from the Tourism Queensland library will help you find the difference between Palm Cove and a palm tree. We have detailed tourist maps of most popular areas as well as interactive Google maps.

Cairns Pictures - Virtual Tour

Read More About Cairns Pictures - Virtual TourCairns and its surrounding region is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world. On the foreshore the Great Barrier Reef and crystal clear tropical waters lap at white sandy beaches, lush tropical rainforests creep up spectacular escarpments while deserts merge into the Great Dividing range and beyond.

Telephones & Internet Cafes

Read More About Telephones & Internet CafesCairns is such an international point of call there is a great need for Internet Cafes. It's a cheap and easy way to stay in contact with friends and family both locally and overseas. The range of Internet Cafes in Cairns offer really fast broadband and offers users a pay as you go service.

Current Weather Forecast & Climate

Read More About Current Weather Forecast & ClimateThe tropical climate of Cairns provides for hot and humid summers and mild, dry winters. Luckily Cairns has some of the best beaches in the world because the temperature during the wet season can get very hot. With an average annual maximum temperature of 29°C and 62% humidity, Cairns is one of the most balmy cities in Australia.

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