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Weather & Climate in Cairns

The tropical climate of Cairns provides for hot and humid summers and mild, dry winters. Luckily Cairns has some of the best beaches in the world because the temperature during the wet season can get very hot.

With an average annual maximum temperature of 29°C and 62% humidity, Cairns is one of the most balmy cities in Australia.

The Dangerous Marine Stinger season typically runs from November to May (subject to seasonal variability), however swimming enclosures have been put in place at most Cairns beaches to provide safer conditions for beach goers. View the current beaches status here.

Cairns Climate

Cairns WeatherFor most of the year the climate in Cairns is simply perfect: blue skies, warm weather and gentle breezes but there are only two seasons - the wet and the dry.

The wet season lasts from November to May. With some months averaging over 400 mm of rainfall. The dry season runs from June to October with rainfall averaging approximately 35 mm.During the wet seasons tropical cyclones (hurricanes) can influence the weather, but Cairns is built to survive the elements and has weathered scores of cyclones in the past.

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    Cairns Weather Historical Data

    Based on long term historical data for Cairns collected from Weatherzone.

    Mean max temp (°C) 31.4 31.2 30.5 29.2 27.6 25.9 25.7 26.5 28.0 29.5 30.6 31.4 29.0
    Mean min temp (°C) 23.7 23.7 23.0 21.6 19.9 17.8 17.0 17.4 18.6 20.6 22.3 23.4 20.8
    Mean rainfall (mm) 392.2 449.9 424.8 199.2 91.5 46.8 29.6 27.3 33.8 39.8 91.7 180.0 2005.2
    Mean rain days 18.2 19.0 19.2 17.9 13.6 9.8 8.9 8.0 7.6 8.2 10.1 13.7 154.1