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Cairns Cleaning Services

Cleaning Service availiable from Townsville to cooktown we put the smile back on your face.

We are a Commercial and private cleaning service
RESORTS , Homes , Stores , Offices , Motels , Restuarants , Banks , Appartments , municipal Buildings , Hospitals , Dental and Doctors Offices , ETC.
We also have a new wall cleaning sanitizing Machine whichwill quickly eliminate such an exspensive repaint of your walls.
Why spend all that extra money repainting when you probably don't need to.
Dirt builds up slowly over time on your home walls which often only looks like they need washing and we all know what the old fashioned bucket and sponge means , back breaking work and lots of streaks everywhere , maybe even damaging your paintwork in the process .
Our System will amaze you with how easily and beautifully it cleans and sanitizes.
The machine successfully employs time tested solutions specially prepared for cleaning all washable wall surfaces.Thats why paint looks so much better and last years longer when we clean it this new scientific way. In the hands of our experts our sanitizing machine leaves a sparkling clean surface with no streaks , no odours , no dripping water no suds and no overlaps.
Even thick coatings of grease in restuarant kitchens is easily removed without a trace .No job is to big or to small we try our hardest to accomodate all our customers. We will also do a no obligation free demonstration on a section of your wall that way you can make your own mind upon wether this is what your looking for..This product does not repair paint it rejuvenates , cleans and sanitizes and brightens them so they last yearslonger.

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anne street
Smithfield, 4878
APW Services
Phone (04) 0280 7945
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Added: 24 June 2010 9:10am
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APW Services
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