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Kinesiology Dynamics

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Cairns' Kinesiology Specialists.

Kinesiology Dynamics is committed to helping empower the whole person by facilitating tools for self mastery. Utilising the most advanced and comprehensive Kinesiology practices available, Kinesiology Dynamics aims to help unlock hidden potential and assist personal transformation.


The two facilitators, Amanda Lawrence and Tony Dionysius, specialise in Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP), while incorporating quantum Kinesiology methods, offering new paradigms for wellbeing.





Kinesiology helps to restore balance to the individual by diffusing the causes of many health related problems. Kinesiology can tap into information relating to all aspects of the multidimensional human being; - our emotional, mental and subtle energy systems as well as the full spectrum of body functionality.

A fundamental premise in Kinesiology is that we all have innate healing energy (an intelligent life-force) which aims always to maintain optimal health and equilibrium. Due to varying stressors however, there are often blocks to this healing capacity and the body may then require help in achieving this balance. The body has the wisdom to heal itself, and Kinesiology can access that information in order to assist the natural healing process. The answers truly lie within.


Kinesiology is a natural system that can complement and enhance all other health care systems, both conventional and complementary alike. All facets of the human being can be accessed via Kinesiology. This is truly a whole-being system of human care.

Suite 5, 239 McLeod St (Corner James & McLeod St)
Cairns North, QLD 4870
Kinesiology Dynamics
Phone (07) 4041 0463
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