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One in three Western households has one or more members with a chronic pain condition which usually has been present for more than three years and is described by 40% as being distressing, severe or unbearable.

This website describes interventions that were found to be useful in this setting and details the results of medical practitioner education in the fields discussed.

The majority of the Acupuncture articles were written by Dr Simon Strauss who was sponsored by the W.H.O to attend the first course on Acupuncture for Western medical practitioners held in China (1978). Dr Strauss has now retired from medical practice having established Australia's first private multi-disciplinary pain clinic. Most of the clinical material published herein was gathered and collated from studies carried out on the 10,000 patients who attended for the management of their chronic (mostly) benign pain syndromes. The majority of the Myofascial Pain articles were written by our visiting lecturers.

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