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Welcome to Online Psychology, a Cairns-based digital psychology practice providing online psychological services across Australia.

Helping you reconnect with life
Have you noticed that when life’s going to plan, we naturally feel more energised? Our motivation is high, creativity flows – we’re in flow and life feels good. There may be challenges along the way but we know we have the strength and confidence to navigate them gracefully. If something interrupts that rhythm, if we encounter one too many speed bumps on our chosen path, it’s easy to stumble. We might start to feel a bit off-kilter, out of sync, stressed or overwhelmed. It can be easy to lose sight of your goals and self-doubt starts to creep in – there is good news though! The inner strength that shows itself during the good times doesn’t evaporate when things get tough. We all have the resources and resilience to deal with whatever speed bumps life sends our way. We sometimes just need a little help to draw those qualities out and find solutions. That’s what a trained psychologist can do: help you (re)discover the tools and strategies to regain that clarity and reconnect with your sense of flow and purpose.
Level 1, 185 Mulgrave Road, Bungalow QLD 4870
Bungalow, QLD 4870
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