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Leadership in a Crisis

In times of crisis, leaders are defined by both their actions and by their ability to make decisions without deliberation - to act with confidence but without recklessness.

One of the most positive things about working in disasters is that True Leaders are quickly identified. Without the constraints of an organisation chart or imposed management structure, authentic leaders will rise.

How many true leaders lie dormant in your organisation, just waiting for the opportunity to rise? What if they were given that opportunity?

AIM and Ipac North Queensland invite you to an unforgettable keynote by international disaster management specialist Peter Baines, taking you on a journey into leadership in extraordinary circumstances.

Peter Baines is one of Australia's true leadership experts, having road tested leadership the hard way. Peter spent 22 years with the NSW Police leading international identification and recovery teams responding to acts of terrorism and natural disasters, including the 2002 Bali bombings and 2004 Tsumani.

Touched by the children left orphaned months after the Tsunami, Peter also founded an Australian charity called Hands Across the Water to support them. Six years on it is one of Australia's fastest growing and most successful boutique charities.

Peter's presentation will touch on:

  • How to be a leader with no positional authority
  • Leading with speed, sensitivity, structure and simplicity
  • The presence of leaders and the importance of values-based leadership
  • The courage required to make hard decisions
  • Clarity of purpose - when your resolve is tested you need to understand why you do what you do
  • How hope is not a plan - there is only so much contingency planning you can do before it comes down to the strength of leadership.

Through his experiences, Peter offers a rare insight into what it takes to lead powerfully and with compassion, taking audiences into a world of crisis leadership and forensic science that many would never get to witness. His story gives everyone something to reflect on, be it for their workplace or home life.

This will be one of the most motivational and inspiring presentations you will ever see. Embrace the chance to learn more about his insightful leadership teachings and hear his amazing story.


Event Details
Date: 26 June 2013
Time: 7:15am - 9:00am

Where is it?
Pullman Reef Hotel Casino
35-41 Wharf Street
Cairns, 4870

For further information...
1300 882 895
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