The Best Pubs & Bars

Pubs and Bars in Cairns

Many North Queensland towns grew and developed around the local pub, making for a strong pub culture in North Queensland.

You’ll notice that many of these Cairns pubs stand out as historical landmarks as well as casual drinking establishments.

While there’s almost a pub on every corner in Cairns, some of them have been there since the late 1800s compared to the newer bars and nightclubs.

Visiting these historical pubs is a great way to understand the local culture then and now. They are grand old buildings with sweeping upstairs verandas, local memorabilia and gorgeous heavy wood bar tops.

You'll find all your favourite beers on tap and also most of the places offer a traditional 'Counter Tea' which is really just a pub meal that in the old days was served at the counter. If you ask around you’ll find a few locals that can tell you some of the tales and history of the pubs, some of which have quite a few.

The Peeramon Hotel

Main Street, Peeramon, QLD 4855
Phone: (07) 4096 5873

The Peeramon Hotel is the Tableland's oldest pubs however it was tore apart by Cyclone Larry 5 years ago. Since then it has taken around $1 million into rebuilding and restoring this iconic pub to its former glory.

The old pub originally had gorgeous high old ceilings to help kep it cool in the North Queensland heat and a great array of old collectibles. The pub was built around 1911 and was a haven for the loggers who worked the area. It's worth a visit to see this old relic and you may even get to meet The Peeramon Hotel's resident ghost.

The Heritage

Cnr Spence & Lake Street, Cairns, QLD 4870
Phone: (07) 4031 8070

The Heritage is the second oldest building in Cairns and was built in 1890 to house the Bank of North Queensland. It's one of Cairns' premier land marks and is located in the centre of town on the corner of Lake and Spence Street.

It's a great example of classic and grand Queenslander. In 2007 The Heritage went through a $2 million dollar refurbishment to bring the building back to its former, elegant self. Come in and have a drink, enjoy a dance and taste some of the yummy food options! 

The Grand Hotel

34 McLeod Street, Cairns, QLD 4870
Phone: (07) 4051 1007

The Grand Hotel was opened to the public in 1927 and is one of Cairns' most iconic and well loved buildings. While the outside of the pub hasn't changed much the inside has. It's now a favourite with local backpackers with accommodation at really reasonable prices.

There's also the World Famous Croc Bar which is home to a hand carved crocodile shaped bar. There's special drink specials, live acts and some great music to dance to. You can even meet the new mascot of the The Grand, Frank the Tank a stuffed crocodile.

The Crown Hotel

35 Shields St, Cairns
Phone: (07) 4051 1488

The Crown Hotel has been standing tall in Cairns for well over a century. It’s survived 8 fires, robberies, brawls and even a murder, but still the locals call it home.

The pub divides into two distinct parts; the front bar, which has been refurbished and is popular for hearty meals, while the back bar and beer garden is preferred by the regulars who just want to have a beer, smoke and have a yarn.

Yungaburra Pub / Lake Eacham Hotel

Yungaburra pub cairns6 - 8 Kehoe Place, Yungaburra, QLD 4884
Phone: (07) 4095 3515

The Yungaburra Pub which is also known as the Lake Eacham Hotel hasn't changed since it was built back in the early 1900s. The Yungaburra Pub has a remarkable amount of country charm and is a historic landmark in the region.

Today the pub still serves up it's drinks and home style meals with old fashion country hospitality for which Queensland is known. Although the inside of the pub is full of an old elegance and lots of memorabilia it has been updated to meet the needs of the modern visitor as well. After your dinner you can retire to the comfortable rooms upstairs.

Cairns Cock & Bull

6 Grove St, Cairns
Phone: (07) 4031 1160

The Cock & Bull is an iconic Cairns pub where you can get a big, hearty meal and a cold beer in the charm and style of a traditional English tavern. Popular with families there’s a traditional pub fare menu and a new Carnivore Grill, for those whole want some of the famous Queensland beef.

The pub boasts two bars, a tropical beer garden, pokies, pool tables, big screen TVs, a piano and great value.


87 Lake St, Cairns
Phone: (07) 4031 5333

Situated in the heart of the City Mall, P.J.O'Brien's is where you’ll find tourists and locals alike getting up to all sorts of shenanigans over a pint or two.

There are plenty of live party bands on the weekends, Coyote Ugly girls on Wednesdays and happy hours every night. Stop in for a drink and find yourself staying the whole night.

Salt House

6/2 Pier Point Rd, Cairns
Phone: (07) 4041 7733

Situated at Marina Point next to the Yacht Club, the Salt House is a unique dining bar that thrives at night with live bands and cocktails galore with wonderful views of the Marina aglow with light.

Catch up with your friends or meet new ones out on the deck surrounded by stone ponds, fire features and large Poinciana trees in an oasis of style, glamour and comfort.

The Reef Hotel Casino

35-41 Warf St, Cairns
Phone: (07) 4030 8888

You can’t miss the Casino in Cairns; it’s a large, glass domed building with coloured lights that gradually change throughout the night.

There are 4 different bars inside amongst the excitant of the pokies and gaming tables. Each bar has an impressive selection of international and local beers, wines and spirits, as well as hand crafted cocktails.

The Woolshed - Chargrill & Saloon Bar

24 Shields St, Cairns
Phone: (07) 4031 6304

The Woolshed Char-grill and Saloon Bar has been a hotspot for adventurous travellers for nearly 20 years, being voted best backpacker “Night Out” several times.

Have a drink and a laugh on any of the many themed nights, compete or judge in wet t-shirt competitions, bikini competitions and dance the night away on the tables.