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Cairns Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

The Great Barrier Reef is considered to be the most beautiful reef in the world so its no surprise that Cairns, with the Great Barrier Reef in it's backyard, is a major hotspot for snorkeling and scuba diving in Australia. Known worldwide for breathtaking sights of coral, an assortment of tropical fish and aquatic life, the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect location for both professional and amateur divers alike.

As a result Cairns is not short of scuba diving courses, tour operators, tutors, day trips, equipment suppliers and everything you could need to enjoy scuba diving in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. See our list below for some Cairns scuba diving companies that can help you plan you dream diving holiday, plus we have a great guide to diving in Cairns!

Cairns Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

About Diving in Cairns

Diving at Great Barrier ReefDiving Licenses & Courses

Getting your Scuba Diving license is like getting a passport to the most amazing adventure imaginable. Instead of travelling to another country you can dive, deep below the ocean and see a whole other world.

There are two general rules for Scuba Diving and that's to always be safe and always be responsible. To learn how to be the best diver you must receive a diving certificate. That isn't to say you can't dive without one, you can but it's a beginners course and with an instructor. There are all sorts of courses you can choose from but the most prominent course in Australia and throughout the world is PADI scuba certification.

Millions of people follow these courses to gain their scuba diving certificate and learn to dive in open waters. Once you are a little more experienced you can graduate to a PADI Adventure Diver courses and then to Advanced Open Water courses. After that you can take your Divemaster Course and become a career professional.

Coral at Great Barrier ReefAmazing Coral Reefs & Dive Sites

Before you get a little too ahead of yourself get some experience by diving the different dive sites in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. There's heaps to choose from with some of the best visibility in the world. It's always a good time to dive in Cairns as the waters are warm and the reefs are extremely healthy and swarming with marine life.

There's literally dozens of dive sites to choose from so it is no wonder that Cairns pulls in diving enthusiasts from all over. 

When we say the dive sites are covered in marine life we mean it. There are more than 400 species of technicolour soft and hard corals, 125 species of sharks, dolphins, dugongs, whales and that's just the big ones.

It's also a breeding ground for six species of turtle, 1500 different species of reef and tropical fish, giant clams, seahorses and even the odd confused saltwater crocodile.  With such great visibility and the enviable array of fish diving with an underwater camera is an absolute must! Plus, you can show off the snaps to all your friends once you get home.

Snorkelling Clear WatersYou can take a tour and be taken with a group to a few different dive sites throughout the day. These tours take care of travel, food, equipment and shed some local knowledge of the region.

You may not be keen on the regimented nature of these organised tours so you can also hire a boat and take yourself and a buddy to a less crowded site.

Many places hire out equipment but if you're a real pro you might have already packed it all in the suitcase! 

Cairns Scuba Diving Tips & Advice

Diving The Great Barrier Reef is a once in a life time experience - although we think after you've done it once you'll always be itching to come back for more - however, to make sure you keep yourself and reef safe please take a look at some of our tips.Scuba Diving Couple

  • Take your Scuba Diving license with you on holidays if you plan to dive
  • Before you hop on board the boat make sure you put on some sunscreen and hat
  • If you need medication please take it on the boat with you
  • Make sure you lay off the booze the night before a dive
  • If you are a beginner dive with licensed teachers
  • Plan your dive and dive your plan
  • Never dive alone
  • If you are hiring a boat follow the hiring and general boating rules
  • Do not disturb the fish or coral
  • Take your rubbish with you
  • Have fun!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of tips as we’re sure if you're diving well aware of all the risks and rules.  Keep safe and be responsible both to yourself and the environment around you.

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