Getting Around Cairns - Transport Information

Getting Around Cairns

It's fairly easy to get around Cairns because it's flat and everything in the city is fairly close together. That's all fine if you don't want to leave the CBD, but once you get there you're going to notice the big mountain and you're going to want to head up it and check out the rainforest and tablelands.

While there are a lot of cycling and mountain biking races held in Cairns, unless your legs are steel springs, you're going to want an easier way to explore than leg power.

Cairns has the full range of transport options for all tastes and budgets. Don't forget the many four wheel drive tours that can pick you up and drop you back off at your doorstep, taking you up to the beautiful rainforests without you having to negotiate those windy mountain roads (unless you like that kind of thing).

Cairns Transport Options