Cairns Taxis

Cairns Taxis

There are plenty of taxis available in Cairns, from all the usual places.

You can generally hail one from the street but if it's really busy you'd be better off finding a taxi rank, which will be well sign posted. (Or if it's really, really busy, walk up the street in the direction the taxis are coming from to get to the rank and hail one down - make sure you look like you'll give the driver a big tip though or he won't take the bait).

A lot of guidebooks will tell you that you aren't supposed to tip in Australia, but that's bollocks. There are no rules saying you have to, but if you've received good service it's nice to at least let them keep the change.

Typical Fair Breakdown

7am - 7pm Weekdays

  • Flagfall: $2.90
  • Booking fee: $1.50
  • Distance: $2.23/kilometre
  • Waiting Time: $0.79/minute 

All Other Times incl. Public Holidays

  • Weekend + Public Holiday flagfall: $4.30
  • After Midnight flagfall: $6.30 (midnight - 5am)

*Current as at November 2013

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